News letter LETTER FROM FR. ROB ~

Dear friends in Christ,

February 1, 2023 Good Afternoon

I am delighted to come to you today as we move quickly towards the Liturgical Season Of Lent.

Based upon my love for God, our Parish and The Sacred Liturgy, I am preparing to offer two gifts to our parish:

First: in response to the needs of our Music Department and in light of the fact that our Sunday prayer is of the greatest importance, we are going to re institute our choir. We are inviting anyone in our parish who wishes to sing in the choir to sing. Again, anyone who wishes. You are all welcome to sing.

In addition to this I am committing my own personal tithe to this endeavor to allow us to have a few more additional singers to further strengthen the power of our music.

I believe there is nothing more important in our spiritual life than our hour together on Sunday. From this hour which must be “the best” we can offer to God flows all our own ministries and personal prayer life.

By this I am supporting David in his ministry as Director of Music and I am showing gratitude to Eleanor for her incredible diligence for her assistance in managing our parish financial resources.

This is not my only financial generosity to our parish but it is new.

Luke 12:34 “For where your treasure is, there your heart shall be also. “ My heart is at St. James.

Second: My Lenten Series this year will be an in depth catechesis on the Sacred Liturgy. I began something similar for the Lenten Series that was interrupted by COVID.

This series will take place each of the five Sundays of Lent during our coffee hour. I chose this time because we are together, we can enjoy refreshments plus it is the time of our usual adult education.

I am delighted in our new people who are joining us on Sunday and are already taking an active role in our parish.

Any questions on either of these matters may kindly be addressed to me.

Lent is a serious time of penance and alms giving. We have many ministries which need your generosity including the upkeep of our sacred edifice.

With sincere gratitude for your love and faithfulness to St. James Parish, I remain,

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Willmann+


The altar flowers are being given “To the glory of God and in thanksgiving for blessings received.” by Tom and Dianne Ischy

The next available weeks for sponsorship begin on April 16th. Please let me know if you’re interested in sponsoring a week. Also if you have a special time later in the year, you’d like to sponsor the flowers let me know so I can reserve that week for you. The cost is a total of $35.00.


The last updating project is our contact list. A separate attachment will be included with the email for your review. Please let me know of any changes needed.

THIS WEEK~ February 5

Our chalicer for both services is Annette Porter. The lectors are Annette at 8 and Susan Benson at

10. The ushers are Kathy Shesky and Beth Burton.


A meeting is scheduled with Pam Page from Transitions on Wednesday, February 15 at 1:00 pm in the undercroft. All are invited to attend.


Thank you to everyone who helped to prepare, to serve, and to clean up after the January Friendship Dinner. Welcome to Emily Sisson, a new volunteer at our January Dinner. We served 83 meals at a cost of $1.12 per meal. We had many compliments on our tasty meal. We again offered warm weather wear to our guests.

February 25 will be our next Friendship Dinner. I have placed a sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the Undercroft. Please volunteer to help serve this dinner.

Our dessert for the February dinner will be Cookies, there is also a sign up sheet on the bulletin board for your donation of cookies. Thank you to everyone for your continuous support for this outreach program.


Birthdays Anniversaries

1 Cynthia Linn None

17 Barbara White

26 Milman H. Linn III