April 28

April 28, 2021

I’ve been working on updating our new website. There are a few glitches still. The main one is that when you go to the page and click on menu – it appears in the black area therefore you can’t see it. If that happens to you, please scroll down a bit and it should show in the white. I’ll work on this! But in the meantime, our site is stjameszanesville.org. On the site you will be able to find the current newsletter, vestry minutes, and bulletins for the week. I will be adding our serving schedule, zoom invitations as well as any other information that comes our way.

ONLINE BANKING ~ Eleanor Bailey
A question came up at the last Vestry meeting about on-line banking thru bank to bank, without your bank having to mail a check. This is what I found out.
If you bank at Huntington go in to Huntington bill pay and enter St James Zanesville. It will ask for the St. James routing number and account number. Put those in and the amount and you are all set. Three will not be a charge for this service.
If you bank elsewhere, you have to go into their bill pay and enter our name, address and amount and a check will be mailed. For most banks there is no charge, but you are dealing with the US postal service so your check may be delayed.
Hope this helps. Call me 740-483-5525 or Mindy and we would be glad to provide the routing number and account number.

The April Friendship Dinner gave out 59 take out meals at a cost of $3.14 per meal. Thank you to the volunteers who helped to prepare, box the meals and give out the meals to our guests. We appreciate everyone’s time donated to offer this meal to our Zanesville guests. We continue to hear thank you’s from our guests regarding serving them a hot meal.
Thank you to our St. James parishioners for continuing to support our outreach program.

We welcome anyone and everyone who would like to help in our gardens. There’s always something growing and requiring attention! I can be reached at 740 403 2527. See you in the garden!

This week’s altar flowers are being sponsored by Tom Tompkins to the Glory of God and in memory of his mother Helen Tompkins.
The weeks of June 6, 13, and 20, are available if you’d like to be a sponsor. The cost has remained the same at $35.00 per Sunday.