Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Policies

Pastoral care is an important part of the ministry at St. James Church. The priest, deacon, pastoral care committee and licensed lay ministers are committed to providing for the spiritual needs of all members of the church and to those who are in need and have no other pastoral support. If there are pastoral needs, simply contact the church office, clergy, or any member of St. James Church and we will do our best to accommodate you. Specific offerings are listed below, but are not limited to these.

Healing Services– Holy Eucharist is offered every Wednesday at 5:30 pm. During that service, we offer anointing and prayers for healing.

Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Direction– Notify the office if you desire consultation with the priest about spiritual matters. Private confession is provided for in the Book of Common Prayer and the tradition of the Episcopal Church. Fr. Willmann or Mthr. Kathryn will hear confessions whenever desired. Call the church office for an appointment or see him or her after a regular church service.

Visitation– Clergy and lay ministers are available for visiting the sick and those who need pastoral support. Please notify the office or leave voice mail and we will contact you. If it is an emergency, call Fr. Willmann directly (740-605-0784-cell).

Sacraments– St. James has Lay Eucharistic Visitors who are licensed to carry the sacraments to those who are unable to receive them in church. Please notify the office if this is desired. Clergy are available if needed.

Ministry to the Terminally Ill- Fr. Willmann will offer prayer, annointing and the ministry to the dying anytime it is necessary.

Funerals– No funeral is refused. Burial from the church is most appropriate, but accommodation can be made for services at a funeral home if that is desired. Funerals in this church conform to the Book of Common Prayer and the canons and traditions of the Episcopal Church. The rector presides at all services in the church. Visiting clergy may participate at the invitation of the rector. Simply notify the office to arrange an appointment with the priest for counseling and funeral planning. Advance funeral planning is available to all members of the parish.

Comfort meals – The pastoral care committee will provide a meal or reception following a funeral in the church if the family so desires. This can be arranged at the time of funeral planning.

Columbarium– St. James has a columbarium for interment of the ashes of cremation if the person or family desires burial in the church. Contact the office for information and costs involved. Reservation of niches in advance is normally limited to the members of the parish or persons with a relationship to St. James church.